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Wedding Planner Tampa Complete Wedding w Month/Week Of w Day Of Coordination w Initial Consultation

Below are some examples of wedding planning packages offered by Divine Creations. We understand that every couple is different so we customize our wedding packages in order to meet your specific needs. While it is not possible to list every detail that we assist with because they are so numerous, the following should be able to serve as a guideline:

Complete Wedding Package

This is perfect for the couple that does not have enough time in the day to get the laundry done – nevertheless plan a wedding! Your wedding planner will:
  • Meet with you initially to discuss your vision and expectations and as needed along the way to complete the planning process
  • Answer any questions and provide advice and/or suggestions during the entire process as needed
  • Establish a monthly calendar and timeline for you
  • Create and maintain a realistic budget and payment schedule for all vendors
  • Provide recommendations and bid estimates from vendors
  • Arrange vendor appointments and attend them with you to help ask the right questions during the interview process
  • Negotiate contracts
  • Assist with invitation ordering
  • Arrange out-of-town guest accomodations
  • Help with ceremony and reception sites design
  • Handle all set up and delivery scheduling
  • Develop a timeline and keep all vendors on schedule
  • Coordinate rehearsal
  • Ensure that ceremony and reception sites are set up and decorated according to your wishes and on-time
  • Be on-site for your ceremony and reception - from set-up to clean up
  • Provide a bridal "emergency kit" to attend to any unexpected situations that may occur
  • Attend to all details and issues that may arise on your special day so you can relax, enjoy your wedding and be radiant!

Month Before or Week Of Wedding Package

As your big day approaches couples tend to want to spend more time with family and friends especially those coming from out-of-town. Unfortunately during this crucial time there are usually 101 details to attend to in order for your wedding day to run smoothly. Your wedding coordinator can assist with these last minute details to take some of the burden off of your shoulders. Items may include:
  • Pickup and delivery of items
  • Coordination calls to all vendors
  • Assistance with event day timeline
  • Help with seating arrangements
  • Tips on etiquette and/or traditions to incorporate from your culture
  • And the list goes on... whatever you need to help you get ready for your dream wedding!

Day of Coordination

An ideal solution for couples that have made all of the preparations themselves, but would like the luxury of relaxing and enjoying their wedding day without stressing over the details. With this package your wedding coordinator will:
  • Meet with you at least two weeks before your wedding day to discuss your vision and expectations, the flow of your event, timeline, any special instructions/ concerns, etc.
  • Contact all of your selected vendors prior to your wedding to establish Divine Creations as their point of contact for day and confirm all arrangements, delivery times, etc.
  • Help coordinate and attend your rehearsal
  • Be on-site during set-up and for deliveries to ensure timeliness and accuracy
  • Assist with any decorating and last minute placement details
  • Attend your ceremony and reception from set-up to clean-up
  • Provide a bridal “emergency kit” with special items to help deal with unexpected situations;
  • And attend to all details and any issues that may arise in order for your event to run smoothly, on-time and according to your wishes

Initial Consultation

Know you want to plan your own wedding, but not sure where to start? This one-hour consultation is for you.
A wedding planner will meet with you and:
  • Provide you with at least 3 vendor referrals in each category
  • Assist you in creating a realistic budget
  • Help with deciding on a theme and desired ambiance of your wedding
  • Provide you with sample questions important to ask during vendor interviews
Consultation fee is waived if a wedding planning package is booked at time of meeting.